Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2007 State Classic at Clear Lake

This has to be one of the best kickboat tournaments of all time! Let's recap, 1st we were granted a special permit from the Fish and Game to transport our fish so we didn’t all have to stay in one area, Thank you DFG and Richie. “Sam from the Bassmasters release boat checking in to say you guys did an awesome job with your fish. It's nice to work with people who give a hoot". 2nd We had Andrew and Jack from the BASS Federation Nation helping with the weigh-in and cooking everyone a huge BBQ Saturday that was off the hook! 3rd We had the group camp site at state park with a huge camp fire for us all to hang out around. 4th we had one of the greatest raffles of all time with lots of high dollar prizes and a special kids raffle that I know everyone enjoyed watching. And 5th we had a hell of a time catching bass all weekend! I would like to thank everyone that helped out this year. It was more then just the officers working but lots of others just helping out, you guys rock.

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