Sunday, April 10, 2011

Global Kickboat Big Bass Challenge - Catchem Caro Baits!

Kickboaters from around the world will be competing for one big prize from Catchem Caro Bait for the guy that catches the biggest bass in there club tournament.

Qualifying clubs include: FBI, Japan, San Jose Bass-N-Tubes, IBBF, Italy, KBBC, South Africa, and Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club

Congradulations Mike Ayers!!!!
With a 11.60 monster delta bass, you are now the new leader of the CatchemCaro World Wide Baits Big Bass contest.

The leader board had changed once again thanks to the smallest bait used by most club members, the "Drop Shot" of all things. Mike Ayers from the SSCBBBC takes the lead while fishing with the Sanjo Bass-N-Tubes club. The event was on the Cal Delta at a location called White Slough.
19 anglers went at it and Mike won the event with a limit weighing 25.10 and breaking a new B-N-T 5 fish limit record. And now Mike leads the CatchemCaros World Wide Big Bass contest.
The big girl eat a drop shot rig as Mike navigated his Bucksbag Bronco Extreme. Mike is also one of the members on the CatchemCaro Prostaff. Congrats Mike on taking over the leaders board. Just when we all thought Big Dave had it nailed down, Mike came from behind and BINGO!!!
There's still a lot of chances for a bigger fish to come to the scales. So stay tuned as we all watch the out come of the clubs from around the globe.