Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Erich Louw Winner of the KBBC 2011 Series Leg 4

The South Africa Club (Bass Challenge) Just finished another kickboat and float tube event event

Leg 4 of the Kick Boat Bass Challenge (KBBC) 2011 Series was held at Murray Park and was won by Erich Louw with a 3.17kg bag. In second place was newcomer Rui Calsada with 3.14kg and in Third place was Garth Jones-Hockley with 2.99kg.

Full results of the KBBC 2011 Series can be found here...

Pink Fishing

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chris Lapoint's Record Breaking Championship Victory!

This year Tournament of Champions was held at Clear Lake and pitted the top 15 kickboater's in the club to a two day bass fishing extravaganza!

Fresh off a tournament win in the last club event it was red hot Chris Lapoint again with an impressive victory of epic proportion. Chris’s record breaking 2 day weight of 44.89 pounds with an 8 fish limit was a sight to behold. Breaking the old 2 day 10 fish limit record of 44.45 held by Rich Caro. Chris used his DD22 and LV500 to catch his fish. Congratulations Mr.Lapoint. Coming in 2nd was last years TOC winner Carson Riley with an 8 fish limit of 35.91 pounds working his trusty jig and LV500. 3rd place was this years Angler of the Year, Matt Nyiri with an 8 fish limit of 35.80, another impressive weight. 4th place was Jon Graves with a nice 8 fish limit of 32.84 pounds. Good job Ukiah Jon. 5th place goes to the clubs 2nd half leader in points Jordan Brendal with 7 for 27.76 pounds.

Day 1 and day 2 big fish award goes to not two anglers but one. Jered Brendal took both days’ big fish award with a 7.80 lb bass and a 7.06 lb bass. Now that’s sweet! All anglers were rewarded for fishing the championship with a medal and check just for making it. A special “thank you” goes out to Andy Mercado and Scott Beem for coming up and running everything for a super smooth event…..This has been a great year for Scbbbc and all it’s 50 plus anglers and we look forward to the 2012 season starting in February!.... Full Results and Pictures.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

9 Pound Bass From a Kickboat - Spring Lake Top Water!

Founder of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club and Legendary Kickboater Rich Caro captured this sweet video on Spring Lake hooking up on this 9 pound bass which hit his top water bait the JA quick...Heart pumping action!

Float Tubing Lake Sonoma - Big Bass Fishing

Great little video from Craig Huffman AKA Anglers Revenge. Craig hit Lake Sonoma in Northern California with his Dave Scadden float tube and was rewarded with some big fish.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Anthony Lunares Wins Bass-N-Tubes Championship!

The San Jose Ca, Bass-N-Tubes held it Tournament of Champions this last weekend at Lake Naciminto.

After leading day 1 Anthony came back with a strong day 2 to take the win with 13.52lbs. Taylor had big 2nd day to finish in 2nd with 13.42. Noah put together two solid days for 13.30 and 3rd place. Matt L. was on the bubble with 12.04. And Mr. Steve Williams took home the Big Fish trophy for a 2.21 Spot on day 1.

A big thank you to Robert Middleton for helping out for the sweatshirts! Also, Oscar came through with a $25 gift certificate from Delta outdoors which we gave to 4th place. He was also able to get donations from Chubby Chaser Bait co.(chatter baits etc.) & hand pours/ sick Jig trailers, check out the site ). Also Thanks to every body who donated baits and canned fod this year!

Congrats again to Anthony for his first win on the Professional Kick Boat Circuit  .

See you all on the water next season.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kickboats, Float Tubes, and Belly Boats by Definition

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A float tube, also known as a belly boat or kick boat, is a flotation device which anglers use to fish from. They were originally doughnut-shaped boats with an underwater seat in the "hole", but modern designs include a V-shape with pontoons on either side and the seat raised above the water allowing the legs of the angler to be the only part of his body to be submerged. Float tubes are used for many aspects of fishing, such as flyfishing for trout or lure fishing for bass, and enable the angler to fish areas otherwise not fishable from the bank.

Float tubes are either "U" or "V"-shaped, or circular. A standard float tube consists of an inflated bladder inside a sewn cover providing the seat, reserve air compartments, and tackle storage pockets. Many float tube anglers customize their crafts with rod holders, lights, and electronic fish finders.

The angler generally wears stocking foot chest waders and scuba diving flippers, so his legs remain dry. Seated in the float tube, he paddles across the water with a gentle movement of the flippers, then remains still over the chosen fishing ground. An alternative to diving flippers is the "paddle-pusher", or "duck fins." These fins strap onto the angler's feet and have paddles situated on the outsides of the ankles. The paddles fold back when the leg moves forward and open when the leg moves back, allowing anglers to move forward in a somewhat less efficient but more natural walking-type motion.

The competitive side of float tubing for bass is growing in the US with the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club which was the first of its kind and is by far the largest in the world and in South Africa with The Bass Challenge which offers a tournament trail called the Kickboat Bass Challenge for bass anglers who compete from float tubes.