Friday, December 04, 2009

Another Successful Year 2009 in the Books!

WOW, another year under the bridge for the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club. This was our 26th year and it shows no signs of slowing as we have some great guys stepping up to take the club forward. Thank's guys for stepping up.

I'm looking forward to the new 2010 season and to seeing every one on the water. I met a lot of new anglers this year and made some new friends. I also look forward to meeting some new anglers and watching the new guys from 09 march up the standings in 2010. Remember to always introduce yourself to float tubers and kick boaters while your out on the water. Spread the word "SCBBBC" and lets keep the club growing.

We might have out grown some of the small bodies of waters we fished in the past, but the larger bodies of water have a lot more to offer a club such as our's. Don't forget to always support the Bass-N-Tubes club too. Try to schedule a few of there events into your 2010 season. They will offer some new bodies of water that most of us have never even seen. I know that more often then not, when I fish somewhere Iv'e never been I usually kick bass. The reason for it is that I just go out and fish. The Bass-N-Tubes club is as well organized and fun to fish as the SCBBBC. I'll be fishing a few of there events and hope to see more SCBBBC there too.

Rich Caro