Friday, February 03, 2006

Lake Sonoma Up First!

Man I thought this day would never get here. The day before our first tourney of the year is finally upon us and everything is looking great. We just had our first club meeting of 2006 and boy am I impressed. 22 member showed up without coming only for a point that's dedication, that's awesome. We saw some new faces which is a great feeling right of the bat. Your new president is off to a great start and his board of directors seem determined to make this a great year. We even got John Stangle to become an official board member and Terry Yeh even step up and is now on the BOD. Just today john has been in contact with Minn Kota and has already gotten us 2 trolling motors a new banner and 24 Minn Kota hats for this years State Classic. Speaking of the State Classic we are thinking about having it at M&M campground this year and we will vote at the next few meeting on that subject and personally I'd like to lobby for M&M campground because they are great hosts. I'm picking up our Sonoma trophy's today for the winner tomorrow and I hope you guys like them. The first tourney I went with the wood grain plaques and next we will change to something different. This years State Classic will have the biggest and best raffle of all times I believe and we want to start promoting this event as soon as possible so if you have a place to leave some flyers lets start now. Anyway see everyone bright and early for the kick off of SCBBBC 2006!