Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The Christmas Trees have been cut and most of the presents should be wrapped by now. Box's of candy are being eaten and companies are having parties for their employees. The water temps are down into the 50's. Soon WE'LL be putting on a Turkey shoot in Jan at Lake "X"for all the float tubers that are sitting in warm living rooms watching rerun fishing shows on ESPN2. Once we get through the long cold month of January 07' we will be kicking off the SCBBBC's 2007 tour. The 2007 year will be our clubs 23rd year as an organized float tube club. Therefor I will see to it that all the anglers fishing with us will enjoy a smooth running circuit and have as much fun as possible. So here's where we're going to go float in our little bass boats.We will start the tour at Lake Berriessa on Feb 24th at Capella Cove. Will this be a small mouth show down or maybe a large mouth slug fest? The water will be cold in Feb and the fish will be in a winter mode. The strike zone will be very small so anglers will be having to slow down and make every bite count.After we thaw out from the Berriessa event the tour will take us down to the Delta ( Beacon Harbor ) on March the 24th for our clubs first team tournament of the 07 season. So for all of you anglers that didn't get a chance to fish the Nor-Cal team thing, here you go. This will for sure be a bucket mouth tourney as these waters hold some monster fish. Working with your team mate and putting a plan together and executing it to catch the heaviest five (5) fish limit. You read it write, this will be the first year we go to a five fish limit per team. Our members voted on this and every one feels good about the change. This will also relieve some stress off of a few more fish throughout the day.Now its April 15th and the weather should be warming up for the tour as we head up to Lake County to rip some lips on the famed Blue Lake, (Mud Lake). We haven't been to Blue Lake's in the early Spring in a few years. I'm looking forward to catching some toads and watching some of our anglers break they're personal best catch's. I have fishing this lake in April a few times over the years when there was no tournament going on. Huge fish swim in this mud puddle and they bite and fight very hard. With the new two week cut-off for prefishing, this lake's fish will be ready and willing to slam some baits.It's time for the wild flowers to start growing and the grass is now green on the hillsides as its May 19th and 20th and we'll all be camping at Clear Lake with the Bass-N-Tubes and all there region members. Who knows what format these guys will have for all of us float tubers while fishing on California's best fish factory, (Clear Lake). This is a May tradition to fish the U.S. Pro Kick-boat tournament at Clear Lake with the B-N-T boys and girls. Last year it was ( Mr Johnny Lake ) the B-N-T Founder and past President who caught the heaviest two day limit under some very tough conditions. Who's going to be on top this year?Now it's June the 10th and the weather is much warmer and its time to go to one of my favorite lakes to fish.I prefer to fish this honey hole when there's no other anglers there, but its more of a challenge with 20+ other float tubers trying to qualify for the SCBBBC winner shoot-out. Highland Springs will once again see the SCBBBC floating on its waters in the wee hours of the morning as we wait to blast-off and hunt for the clubs record fish. I bet that toad is around 13 pounds if not bigger by now. Who will be the lucky angler to catch her? You can bet the farm I'll be trying again. I might even bring out the ol round tube for this event again.Its July the 28th and its summer time. It's time for a night tournament and this year we'll be going to Lake Sonoma for our clubs second team tournament. Oh yea, once again you'll have the opportunity to plan a strategies with another club member and go out into the dark and catch the largest 5 fish limit. You guys asked for a team format, so here you have the second chance to try a team tournament, SCBBBC style. Im looking forward to fishing in a Tee-shirt into the night as I sit here typing now and its something like 30 degree's below zero outside. This lake seems to always kick my bass, but this year I'm planning on turning the Yorty Creek cove around in my favor. Last year it was the winning team of Dave & Phil who came in with the nights heaviest limit of bass.As summer lingers on its Aug the 19th and the next stop for the tour is our clubs home lake, Spring Lake. The lake that held the world record, maybe. Hopefully the water level will be good still and some flipping will be had. As we fish for our 6 hours one angler will come out on top. This lake can be any ones at any time, but if Big Daddy Dave Sternitzky has any thing to say about it, its all his. This is Dave's lake as he has his own parking spot there. LOL Or shall I say he should have his own spot. I look forward to this tournament as its going to be our clubs first ever early bird tournament. We will be starting as early as the parks department will let us. This one will be a hoot.Now it's Sept the 23rd and we're going back to the California Delta ( White S. ). Is this the start of the fall patern? Will the Delta Frogs be hopping? I know my frog will be jumping around the Delta waters. The Bassmasters Elite Pro's are coming to this water way this year as their tour stops here. So keep in mind that all SCBBBC members have a co-angler sign-up priority over the general public. So make sure you have some fresh braided line on those flipping and frog sticks.As we get close to the end of the year, its Oct the 13th and 14th and we're back to Clear Lake for the 22nd SCBBBC State Classic. The Bassmasters Elite Pros are coming here also and once again you as SCBBBC members have registration priority over all others to sign-up as a co-angler. This month is when this fish factory should be wide open for all float tubers no matter where you fish. Hopefully we'll be allowed to get our special permit again for transporting live fish. So start stocking up on those DD22 Craw crank baits and be sure to have some fresh mono ready for the fight of a life time.The last stop for the regular season is set for Nov the 3rd at Blue Lakes. I like fishing this lake in the fall and I will love it now that I know that it will have not been pounded for two weeks before the tournament.This new two weeks cut-off will be great for these smaller lakes. This new rule should improve the quality of the fishing for every one. So if this is your first time fishing with the club get out there and fish some of these lakes so you'll know them come tournament day. By now all these float tubers leg's should be conditioned to paddling and their oar skills mastered. There will probably be a couple of anglers racing for the AOY award on this lake.Just when you think the tour is over, the top 1/3rd of the club will be heading back to Lake County for the T.O.C. on beautiful Clear Lake. This will be Nov the 17th and 18th. We'll put them up in the finest resort and feed them and their families to a fine dinner and drinks. At the dinner we will announce where the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club's first ever (WINNERS SHOOT OUT) tournament will be held.That's just some of whats planned for the 2007 tour. Its our 23rd year and my second year as President. I learned a lot last year while doing the day to day duties for our organization. I'm looking forward to leading the club forward as a BASS Federation Nation California Chapter. It's clubs like ours that are helping to bring the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation back to what is was years ago. Happy Holidays and catch a toad.1. Berriessa, Feb, 24th, Sat.2. Delta (Beacon) Mar, 24th, Sat. (Team)3. Blue Lakes, Apr, 15th, Sun.4. Clear L. (Open) May, 19th-20th,Sat-Sun.5. Highland S. Jun, 10th Sun.6. Lake Sonoma, Jul, 28th Sat. (Night Team)7. Spring L. Aug, 19th Sun.8. Delta (Whites) Sept, 23rd Sat.9. Clear L. Oct, 13th-14th Sat-Sun (22nd State Classic)10.Blue Lakes Nov, 3rd Sat.11.Clear L. Nov, 17th-18th Sat-Sun (T.O.C.) Rich

Monday, November 27, 2006


Well, there you have it. The Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Clubs 2006 tour is now in the record books. What a tour it was for me as President for the first time in 22 years. As I sit back and can smell the Turkey cooking I can't help but to reflect back on this 2006 tour. I had never floated down the road of permits and insurance for any tournaments. Before this club started I used to hide behind the Roland Rich name and my brother would hide behind the Ted Mann name. We thought that we wouldn't be responsible in case something bad happened at one of the 9 tournament we put on before the start of the SCBBBC. As luck would have it nothing bad ever happened and a great organization came from the act of a few. I was very luck to have followed in the fine prints of all the past SCBBBC Presidents as they paved the way and had the procedures set for me to follow.

I chose to follow there path for a while before going down some new ones. I hope the members have enjoyed the new path I have taken us down and the path I plan on going if I'm lucky enough to be elected President for the 2007 tour.This years tour started off at Lake Sonoma's Yorty Creek on Feb 4th. My worst night mare became a reality as I came around the last turn into Yorty Creek only to see all the tail lights at the entry gate that was not open as the combo we had been given was bogus. Here I'm faced with 27 of California's best float tubers who have been cooped up all winter and dieing to fish a tournament looking at me for answers. This was my first challenge as the one in charge. So after sitting around for what seemed forever in my shoes, the Rangers truck finally comes around the bend. I survived this do to the fact that they too had the same combo as I did and it didn't work any better for them as it did us. So finally all of us are on the water and ready to fish. After a beautiful winter day on Yorty Creek it was one of our past Presidents and AOY who took the 1st place spot over 26 others. Todd Iwamoto once again stayed true to his nature and was catching fish all day, even at the last minute. Todd even had big fish of the tournament at 4.12. This wasn't an easy tournament as there was no limits caught from any of the 27 anglers. We only caught 19 fish for a total of 45 pounds.

Then the next stop for the 2006 tour was Lake Berriessa on Mar 4th. This one started off cold for the 26 float tubers that checked in at Capella Cove. This is where we catch smallies mixed with Spots and Largies. This has always been one of my favorite stops on the tour. Unlike Yorty Creek, we caught a lot of fish at this lake with 10 limits and just about every one else weighing in a few keepers. This time it was Mr Chevy Matt Cahills turn to bring in the largest limit of fish. Matts limit was 10.77 and he had the second biggest fish of the day at 2.83. It was Dan Chester that came in with the biggest bass of the day at 3.86. The weather cleared up here as the day went on and here was another tour stop under my belt.

The third stop on the tour was the famed California Delta, April 8th. This was our yearly team tournament. We had 12 teams of float tubers show up early at Beacon Harbor. I decided to beat the crowd and go fish an area all to myself. This was a bad idea as I was only able to catch dinks. When I came back for the weigh-in, I then realized that I should have stayed at Beacon Harbor as it seemed as if every one had nice fish. This day belonged to the team of Wendy Yeh and David Pham as they came in with a huge limit of bass that weighed 23.54 and big fish that day went to Mike Ayers with a 8.71 Bucket mouth. Mike went on to win the Bass-N-Tubes Delta region's AOY award. I guess we might start calling him Mr. Delta. Ahhh another tourney that went smooth.

Then the fourth stop took us to one of the best bass factories in the nation, Clear Lake, May 20th -21st. This tour stop mixed the two baddest float tube clubs together as this was the Bass-N-Tubes ( US Open Pro Kick boat tournament ) I always look forward to this event as it brings float tubers together from all over the state. The camping was at M-M under the tarps Friday evening as the rain came down. We had some great home made brownies from Theresa to help keep us warm on a cold night. The bite was tough for some and wide open for others as we fished a two day, two spot format. The Bass-N-Tube guys walked away with this tournament as they placed in six of the top ten spots. 56 of California's most hard core float tubers came out for this fish off and one walked away with the tittle of winner. Mr. Johnny Lake had the talent it took to win this show and beat out all the rest. Matt Cahill had a good paturn going Saturday and he went to sleep in first place, but on day two he was forced to fish a completely new area and wasn't able to catch the toads he had on day one. I'm already looking forward to next years Open.

Now its June 24th and its time to fish for my 11 pounder again at Highland Springs. This lake has always reminded me of the Lake that started this whole float tube club, Alsanjo. I thought I would keep it simple and pull out the round tube once again and leave the Bass Tech boat at home. I never missed my kick boat once while fishing this event. It was also a great feeling to see the gate wide open when I came around the bend in the road at 4:30 AM. From then on the day went great as the fish where biting for me and most of the 17 SCBBBC members that came out to try and catch my 11 pounder that is swimming in the depths of this little hidden honey hole in Lake County. When all the fins where weighed in it was Mr. Iwamoto on top again for the second time during the 2006 SCBBBC tour. It seems as if this guy can come out a show the fish who's the boss. If I remember Todd did it on very little sleep also.

The weather is scorching in the 100's and we're back at Clear lake for our first ever Sundown tournament, July 22nd. We had 25 tubers show up at County Park ready to rip some lips in the heat. We all heard and saw what the heat can do to a kick boat as a new member watched his pontoons pop one at a time in the heat. I made a huge mistake at this tournament as I paddled a long ways in the Bass Tech boat to get to my hot spot. I had a limit in 20 minutes and then the wind came up. The wind wasn't blowing in the direction I wanted it to blow so I was forced to leave my spot before having a chance to cull a single fish. For every stroke of the oars I would move 12" and the wind would blow me back 6". All along my limit of fish where being dragged in a follow me bag. The water temp on the surface was 90+ degree's. It seemed as if I was oaring for three hours straight just to get back near the area that I launched from. By then four of my five fish had passed in the heat. By the time I weighed in that night all my fish had passed and I realized then that I was done with long oar runs with follow me bags and no more tournaments in triple digit weather conditions. By the time it cooled off alittle the angler on top at the end of the heat wave was one of our young guns, Kevin Nunez. Kevin had one of the years largest limits at 24.47 and he had big fish of the event at 7.02. I was glad when this tournament was over and I was back in my air conditioned truck.

On the 7th tour stop we're back at Yorty Creek on Lake Sonoma, August 12th for our annual night team tournament. I have always struggled at this lake so I thought this evening I might be able to change the out come and catch some fish. We had 9 teams show up on this beautiful night and once again this lake kicked my bass as I wasn't able to produce one small keeper. When the last fish was weighed in it was the team of Dave Sternitzky and Phil Ragueneau that stood on the podium at midnight.At the 8th stop of the tour we're back in Lake County to find the fish in Blue Lakes, Sept 16th. I shared the upper clearer lake with big Dave and had a great day. I was lucky enough to catch the big fish of this tournament with a 6.88 bucket mouth. This fish eat a huge Fat Free Shad in bass paturn. We had 21 anglers make the drive to fish this awesome fishery. Once again the weather was great and most of the float tubers caught keeper bass to bring to the scale. This time it was the Cigar mans turn for a win. Mr Binh Phi was the guy to beat at this tournament, but no body could stop him as he had the biggest limit of fish with 13.82 This is a fun lake to bring a kid if you really want to get into some fish. Summer time here you will usually have the lower mud lake to yourself all day.

As we start to get close to the end of the season we're back at Clear Lake for the 20th SCBBBC State Classic, Oct 7th & 8th. This tournament will go into the record books as it was the first tournament that we had a special permit to transport live fish in our trucks. After nearly having the carpet pulled out from under us we landed on top with a permit we have been waiting for for the past 22 years. Now we're total legal with no more skeletons in the closet for the SCBBBC. We also set new standards for live-wells. We had 45 of California's best float tubers once again come out from their favorite fishing holes to duel it out against others who per fer a float tube over a glitter rocket. We even had the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation President come to help with the weigh-in and raffle Saturday, Andrew Syles came to check us out and was pleasantly surprised after seeing first hand what we're all about. The Department Of Fish and Game came and kept a close eye on us and after this event was completed they had nothing but great things to say about our organization and that they looked forward to working with us in the future. After we weighed in 314 fish it was Russ Stansbury who was the man with the biggest two day limits at 32.61. Runner up was Bass-N-Tubes Mitch Teaman with 32.26. Watch out for Mitch next year as I think he'll be looking for a win. Lets not forget My Mike Boggs. This guy came out of no where to take big fish each day with a 8.46 on day # 1 and a 6.99 on day # 2. Way to go Boggs, you da man. Thanks to all our great sponsors for making this a great tour event.

The last stop for the tour was close to home at Spring Lake, Nov 4th. This was our bi-annual charity event. We chose to raise food for the Redwood Empire food bank and to donate all the entry fees to help feed the communities hungry. We had 18 anglers come out to chase these green fish on waters that might have held a world record fish, maybe. The weather was perfect for a good day on the water. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to fish this event as I had dislocated my right shoulder while skateboarding with our dog two weeks before the event. I felt good enough to fish and fish I did. I put a plan together and it worked well for me. I was able to catch a limit and cull a fish. This was my first limit in my new out of the water live well. I didn't have enough to beat the likes of Mr. Dave Sternitsky, AKA The Spring Lake Dude. This is Daves lake, I even think he has his own parking spot there. LOL.

After a long year of angling one angler stood out above all the rest as he was the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Clubs Angler Of The Year. Mike Ayers stayed a step ahead of all the guys and gals that came out to fish our 2006 tour. There where no through-outs included for the first time this year. This guy came and played his ( A) game all year. He didn't care if it was raining cats and dogs or if it was 10000000 degree's out. Shallow or clear water didn't faze this California angler as he seemed to always catch fish. Mike did all this while weighing in all the fish at all the years events. He also rounded up our trophies for every tournament while posting all the events stats and pictures on our award winning web page. So may we all tip our hat to Mike Ayers for putting his name in the record books along with all the AOY's from the past. Mike also found time this year to fish with the Bass-N-Tubes Delta region. He didn't just do it for fun, he did it to win and win he did. Mike was also the Angler Of The Year on the Bass-N-Tubes Delta Region. I bet the Shasta and Central Region are glad he didn't fish those tournaments. Who knows what he would have done there? You are the Man Mike. Thanks for all you have done for our club.

The last event is finally hear, Nov 18th & 19th. The Tournament Of Champions ( TOC ) The ten best SCBBBC angler are invited to come to Lake County one last time to show off they're skills. This year we voted on Highland Springs on day # 1, and Clear Lakes Library park for day # 2. I wasn't able to qualify this year again. So I decided to make the trip and do my last President duties. So once again I'm pleasantly surprised to see the gate opened on time at Highland Springs. I blast all 10 anglers off at 5:30 AM and then I decided to go float tube Clear Lake. So I'm off in the round tube and just loving life. I caught a few nice Clear lake fish and then went back to the room and crashed for a few hours before going back to Highland Springs for the weigh-in. After day # 1 it was Mr Cigar, Binh Phi in first place with a 12.25 limit. After weighing all the fish in and playing Tournament Director we handed out keys to all ten angler so they could enjoy a night at the Konocti Casino's new hotel.We then treated every one and there families to the annual pizza dinner so they had plenty of energy to compete on day # 2.Day # 2 all anglers checked in at Library park and received their permits for transporting live game fish. History is once again being made for this club. After blasting all the anglers off I jumped into Russ Stansbury's 21' Ranger and went out into the fog to retrace Russ's winning paturn from the day before. Russ was still on cloud nine as he had just came in first place on Saturday during an Anglers Choice tournament. We slayed several toads throughout the day. We didn't want to stop fishing, but we had no choice. So we cruse back to Library park to weigh-in all the toads caught by the top ten float tubers in the state. Almost all the anglers came in with limits. There could only be one winner and this years 2006 TOC winner was non other then Deren Kozenko. Deren won with a 28.50 limit. Big fish of the tournament went to Mike Ayers with a 6.75 lunker. Thanks again goes out to Mr. Stansbury for letting the SCBBBC use his 21' Ranger as a release boat. This was also a first for our club. I wish I had taken a picture of Russ's boat as it pulled away from the dock with four anglers and there live-well sitting on the deck. Ahhhhh its over finallyAfter going all the way through for my first time as President and getting the permits and proof of insurance for all 11 events. Jumping through DFG and the Regional Parks Department hoops I'm ready for it all over again. I never knew what these Presidents went through over the years and now I look at the club with a different pair of eyes. If I'm lucky enough to be re-elected for the 2007 tour I promise to take it a notch up with even more surprises.

Next season we'll have the SCBBBC Winners Shoot-out. This will take all the winners from the 2007 tour including the SCBBBC 07' Angler Of The Year and the Bass-N-Tubes 07' Angler Of The Year and invite them to a no-entry fee tournament. This tournament will be held during the 2008 season. First place will be well worth it big time as I promise to take this sport to the next level. We will also have a Bucksbag incentive program for winners fishing in a Bucksbag float tube or kick boat throughout the 07' season.We will also put on a B.A.S.S. Casting Kids Contest at the Santa Rosa Sport and Boat show at the Fair Grounds. There will also be another four hour turkey shoot at Lake Sonoma before working with the Army Corps Of Engineers and helping with the Water Fair at the fish hatchery. This is when we put our boats on display and help educate the public on Catch & Release and selective harvesting and the sport of float tubing. Thats just a few of the new things to come in 2007.

Here are a few stats from the 2006 tour.TotalsTournament entries = 284 Anglers.Total # of fish weighed in = 1379 Fish.Total weight all year = 2899.79 LB'S.Largest tournament = B-N-T OPEN, 56 Anglers.Smallest tournament = 17 Anglers, Highland S.Most weight for a tournament = State Classic = 789.71 LB'S.Least weight for a tournament = Lake Sonoma, 45.81 LB'S.Most fish for a tournament = B-N-T Open, 457 Fish.Least fish for a tournament = Lake Sonoma, 19 Fish.Biggest fish all year = 8.71, Mike Ayers, Delta.Smallest big fish all year = 2.83, Matt Cahill, Berriessa.Thanks to all the SCBBBC Officers and members and to the B-N-T crew for a great year in the float tubing sport. See ya all next season. Until then, Happy Holidazzzze.

Rich Caro

Monday, October 16, 2006

HISTORY IS MADE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today history was made for float tubers in California. After jumping through many hoops as President of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club I would like to personally let you all in on some breaking news.For all the float tubers and kick boaters attending this weekends SCBBBC State Classic at Clear Lakes State Park. You might like to know that if you planned on running, I have some news for you. You will be doing it totally legally as we have the first ever permit for transporting live game fish while fishing the 2006 State Classic. You read it write. You can run this year if you have the following set-up. 1ST you must have no less then a 48 quart ice chest, ( Coleman / Igloo ) You must have a 500 Gallons Per Hour pump(GPH) circulating the water in your live-well at all times. You must have Rejuvenate Bassmeds in your water at all times. You must have ice if the weather permits it. The fish can not be left in your running live well while you are in your boat fishing. You will not be able to run with a plastic tote of any kind what so ever. ONLY ONE LIMIT PER LIVE-WELLIf you show up and do not have these specific requirements you will not be allowed to run.For those who do not plan on running be sure your live wells are up to the standards listed in the SCBBBC rules. If your live wells are not up to our standards you will not be able to attend the event.This is huge for our sport and just one on a few other hurdles I plan on jumping for all of us in the float tube world.Rich

Friday, February 03, 2006

Lake Sonoma Up First!

Man I thought this day would never get here. The day before our first tourney of the year is finally upon us and everything is looking great. We just had our first club meeting of 2006 and boy am I impressed. 22 member showed up without coming only for a point that's dedication, that's awesome. We saw some new faces which is a great feeling right of the bat. Your new president is off to a great start and his board of directors seem determined to make this a great year. We even got John Stangle to become an official board member and Terry Yeh even step up and is now on the BOD. Just today john has been in contact with Minn Kota and has already gotten us 2 trolling motors a new banner and 24 Minn Kota hats for this years State Classic. Speaking of the State Classic we are thinking about having it at M&M campground this year and we will vote at the next few meeting on that subject and personally I'd like to lobby for M&M campground because they are great hosts. I'm picking up our Sonoma trophy's today for the winner tomorrow and I hope you guys like them. The first tourney I went with the wood grain plaques and next we will change to something different. This years State Classic will have the biggest and best raffle of all times I believe and we want to start promoting this event as soon as possible so if you have a place to leave some flyers lets start now. Anyway see everyone bright and early for the kick off of SCBBBC 2006!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Plaques at Outdoor Pro Shop Update!

Hey Scbbbc'ers I have picked up our plaques from the Outdoor Pro Shop and have taken them in to be updated. For you guys that are not aware, We have 2 Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club plaques on display at the Pro Shop in Rohnert Park. One for Angler of the Year and one for TOC Champions. The Updates will be for Todd Iwamoto and Carson Riley for 04 & 05 AOY and Scott Beem and Russ Stansbury for 04 & 05 TOC. I'll have these at the next meeting to show before they go back to the Outdoor Pro Shop for Display.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I would like to start this letter by wish all of you Round tubers, kick boaters and U-boaters a very happy new year. I hope Santa was good to all and was able to work a deal with Lucky Craft and G-Loomis so you all had some new tackle under the tree.

This year was a very exciting year in the float tube world. A lot of great things happened to our sport in 05’. Im sure that 2006 will be even more fun and exciting as we break new ground and smash some old records and enjoy new members. Last year we all enjoyed Bass N Tubes Clear Lake Open with the first tourney ever to offer two different locations to fish. One area producing lots of green backs with little wind and another place was as tough as leather and our tubes like feathers being blown around. That didn’t stop Chris Zeldain from capitalizing on both days and taking the Open for himself. Chris went on this year and stepped up and hopped aboard a real boat and went against 100 plus anglers and once again came out on top, 1st place and the proud winner of a fully rigged Triton bass boat worth $27.000.00 dollars. Was there a float tube club behind him? I think so.How about that Pat Wilson guy. One of the SCBBBC’s members loads up his gear and gets on a plane and flies 3000 mile and wins $40.000.00 at a FLW tournament on the Patomic River. Pat had never fish this water before, but because he joined a float tube club he was able to fish and learn from the likes of Mr. Jimmy Reese. I remember when Pat joined our club and only fished with one rod and a Berkley Power worm. Now Pat is our back deck Pro with a boat or two under his belt. Then there is an angler we all know as Mr. 4 eye’s Castro. Joe came from another great float tube club, ( B-N-T ) and showed a bunch of local northern tubers that he was a contender. The lunkers this guy caught with his hand-crafted baits won’t soon be forgot by the Sonoma County Belly Boat Boys. His game plan for Berryessa was able to keep him a step ahead of a lot of tubers for a 1st place finish. I have been lucky enough to catch a few of those hogs on Joes custom 4 eyed baits. Now if I could only do it during a tourney.

Don’t forget all the toys he surprised us with at the 19th Clear Lake Invitational.I thought that Santa had made some kind of a mistake.I can’t forget how the 06’ tour started with Mr. Kozenko slaying a huge limit at Lake Sonoma. This guy was on fire this year. It must have been that good luck charm that followed him to most of the locations we fished. Darren is on his way to a A.O.Y. award soon Im sure. Have I mentioned our youngest ever member? Big Nick, this guy was 12 years old when he put his $ up against our best and most talented anglers. He struggled some this year, but I think we all did when we first joined these clubs. Keep an eye on this young Rick Clunn in the making. I think we’ll see more of Nick at the scales in 2006.Then we had this young gun by the name of Mr. Carson Riley. He stayed on every ones coat tails all through the season. Carson was always there, head to head with the SCBBBC’s hottest sticks. At our 19th annual Invitational tournament he finally stepped up and showed every one he could win. Then he takes the grand daddy of all awards, the A.O.Y. for 05. Need I saw more about this young gun. IM looking forward to seeing this kid kick some bass in 06. Now we have to get him into a Pro-Am tournament. IM sure he’ll do just fine at that level.

We had our first war veteran fishing with us at a few of our tourneys this year. I remember listening to Mr. Mike Williams after he landed a real nice fish at Highland Springs and I couldn’t help but think to my self that that angler was recently in some crazy war and here he was catching some big fish on a beautiful lake. He caught his toad in a tree that I had just flipped the heck out of. I realized once again how good we all have it do to guys like Mike and many others who put it all on the line so we can enjoy the life styles we live. Mike is going back to that war for one more year. Lets all pray for him to get back to Sonoma County safe so he can catch another toad at Highland Springs. Thanks Mike.

It was a nice break for most of us this season as Mr. Todd Iwamoto gave us a break and didn’t catch all the fish this year. I guess that’s what having a new baby / little angler will do to a guy. He fished most tournaments on only a few hours sleep. I will try to take advantage of it in 06 if he gives us another chance to win. Some how I think he’ll be a little more rested and focused this coming year.Most of the SCBBBC tournaments averaged 25 to 30 float tubers. We had 42 paid members all year. All of the tournaments would not have went as smooth as they did if it wasn’t for Phil Ragueneau and Scotty Beem keeping things under control. I watched them at every weigh-in as these once newbies only a couple of years ago kept thing moving along while every one had a good time. The public watched as these guys where very professional at not only catching fish, but at weighing them in too. Don’t forget Russ and William taking care of bussiness in the we hours of each tournament too. They helped get us on the water as quickly as possible. Thanks guys.In 06 our club will have a new tournament director. Mr. Mike Ayers will take control of the scale and weigh each and every bass brought to the scale. Mike is also the SCBBBC’s web master and if he does half the job as Tournament Director as he has done with our web page, 06 should be another smooth year for our club. Thanks Mike for stepping up.

This year our club has had a chance to enjoy the benefits of one of our newest members who has recently been bitten by the bass bug. This would be Mr. John Stangle / Mr Yo Yo. This guy has been a breath of fresh air to our club with all kinds of great ideas and positive energy to help our club grow and look more professional. Johnny has entertained us all at our events with his world class Yo Yo tricks and personality. He has helped with improving our sponsorship abilities and he has cleaned up our By-laws. For all of you who have joined the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club this year, you can thank Johnny for the surprise package you will be getting in the mail. That was all his doing. He also has the nicest Pro Shirt on our circuit. Thanks John for all you’ve done for our club.This is the first year our club has seen so many anglers at the weigh-in’s that look like real Pro’s. I started wearing my Pro shirt just for the fun of it and I never thought it would catch on, but to my surprise it did. Now there is usually a half dozen Pro’s at our events. I hope to see more in 06. We finally got rid of that old Vice President and now we have a new V.P. by the name of Mr. Bill Sweatt. You all should know Bill as he is the second oldest SCBBBC member still on tour with the club. Check out his angler profile and you’ll see Bill has been there and done that a few times. Bill has seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. I think he’ll be a great V.P. and his new blood will be needed in 06 as this will be a year to remember for sure.So now it’s my turn as the President of a once very small club that I started 22 years ago. That’s write, we’re going on our 22nd year. Stepping into this job will be very easy as I am following in the foot-steps of many great SCBBBC Presidents.

The first was Martin Campbell. He was a good organizer and a great angler. Then there was Mr. Jimmy Reese. Jimmy was there as far back as the second tournament ever. He and Benno were the real back bones that helped organize the club as we all know it today. If it wasn’t for Mr. Reese I would probably still be putting on Turkey shoots. Or just catching blue gills.Then as Jimmy started fishing more as a Pro the club started to dwindle down in the early 90’s. It was Jay Bryant that stepped up and kept the machine going. If you thought the Bass Tech kick boat was cool, you haven’t see nothing yet! Jay is got the worlds baddest and raddest kickboat you have ever set eyes on. The Bass Tech boys would have been lost if it wasn’t for Jays ideas. Some of you might have met Jay at the B-N-T Clear Lake Open in 04. He was the guy with the real tricked out totally custom kick boat. His rod holder was the roll model for the Bass Tech lazy Susan rod holder. Mr. Swindal thinks he thought of it, but I’ll let you all in on a little secret. It was all Jay and if it wasn’t for Jay keeping it all fun, this club could have very well folded up in the early 90’s.Then as Jay started burning out after a long run at it, along came Mr. Andy Parsons. Andy really grew the club to the huge tour that we all enjoy today. He always made you feel welcome as a new or old member. He also knew how to catch fish on Rocky point too. After getting this club totally dialed in with B.A.S.S. and knowing it was time to pass of the President position.

Mr. Todd Iwamoto stepped up to the plate. Todd was able to manage the club and with his marketing skills he round up great sponcers and all the good stuff that comes with them while still capturing A.O.Y for something like four years straight. Todd also had a lot to do with the ESPN connections that most of you are aware of as you watched float tubing on T.V. He was the guy behind getting those camera guys out to Spring Lake for that shoot on the water. Once Todd got a few years under his belt he felt like it was time to pass the torch. So Jeff Andress jumped at the chance and went with it. Jeff kept the club on course. After knowing Jeff for a few year we realized that I had bought my two oldest guitars from his Dad. At the time I bought them I was 16 years old and Jeff was some thing like 3 or 4. That was way cool that the man who sold me my guitars that to this day I still love to play as much as I love fishing. He has the father of a little guy who would grow up to be the Presidents of a club I started, that is still going strong.

Jeff passed the torch again to a stand up guy, Mr. William Perez. He rolled up his sleeves, got into the job and totally cleaned up all the paper work and nailed down a permit procedure that any old angler can follow easily. William faced some of life’s hardest challenges while cleaning up this clubs official business. Thanks William for a great job during these past two years. Now in 2006 it looks as if it’s now my turn to lead the members for a few years. I promise to make some big mistakes along the way. That is how this club has gotten stronger and stronger, by learning from our mistakes. I feel I have a lot to offer the club / clubs as I support the growth of the B-N-T, our Italian friends and the SCBBBC. I have some of the best support behind me and I will do the best I can to help take our sport to the next level of competitive float tubing. I will try to make the SCBBBC 06’ Tour a very fun and challenging one. Already with the new challenging schedule this year is looking to be a very good one.

We worked out this years schedule around the B-N-T’s tour and some of the other tours such as the 100% and the Anglers Choice. I hope that this will help all of you float tubers plan a great season for catching Mr. Bucket Mouth. Between the SCBBBC, B-N-T’s Central R. , Shasta R and Delta R. a guy can fish a tournament almost every weekend from now through December. Who needs a big gas guzzeling boat to fish tournaments? All you need is a round float tube a rod or two and a live-well and BANG! You are ready to join a float tube club, meet some great people, learn how to catch more Bass and enjoy the great outdoors in a way that only a float tuber can. Happy New Year.

Rich Caro
SCBBBC Founder and President

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Let the Blogging Begin

Yo, what's up scbbbc'ers? Are you ready for the 2006 season or what? This club blog is just for fun and is no way intended to take away from our great forum that we share with Bnt. This blog is just what it is a blog. A place to just be funny.

We have a great year ahead of us and what looks like some great competition. Last years race for the coveted "Angler of the year Award" was one of the closest of all time. Only one point separated Mr Castro from Carson Riley when it was all said and done so you can bet Joey will be gunning extra hard for a championship this year.

I'm excited about our new Club President and Vice President I believe they will work hard to make everything run smooth so we can all just concentrate on bass fishing with now worries. Remember what makes a great club is great members so stay cool fool, and have a blast!

Our first tourney is just around the corner at lake Sonoma and I cant wait. This is a perfect time and lake to bring out a friend to fish and try out the club. So if you know anyone on the fence ready to fish competitively bring them out and show them how much fun they are missing.

That's it for my first ever blog - I'm out!