Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The Christmas Trees have been cut and most of the presents should be wrapped by now. Box's of candy are being eaten and companies are having parties for their employees. The water temps are down into the 50's. Soon WE'LL be putting on a Turkey shoot in Jan at Lake "X"for all the float tubers that are sitting in warm living rooms watching rerun fishing shows on ESPN2. Once we get through the long cold month of January 07' we will be kicking off the SCBBBC's 2007 tour. The 2007 year will be our clubs 23rd year as an organized float tube club. Therefor I will see to it that all the anglers fishing with us will enjoy a smooth running circuit and have as much fun as possible. So here's where we're going to go float in our little bass boats.We will start the tour at Lake Berriessa on Feb 24th at Capella Cove. Will this be a small mouth show down or maybe a large mouth slug fest? The water will be cold in Feb and the fish will be in a winter mode. The strike zone will be very small so anglers will be having to slow down and make every bite count.After we thaw out from the Berriessa event the tour will take us down to the Delta ( Beacon Harbor ) on March the 24th for our clubs first team tournament of the 07 season. So for all of you anglers that didn't get a chance to fish the Nor-Cal team thing, here you go. This will for sure be a bucket mouth tourney as these waters hold some monster fish. Working with your team mate and putting a plan together and executing it to catch the heaviest five (5) fish limit. You read it write, this will be the first year we go to a five fish limit per team. Our members voted on this and every one feels good about the change. This will also relieve some stress off of a few more fish throughout the day.Now its April 15th and the weather should be warming up for the tour as we head up to Lake County to rip some lips on the famed Blue Lake, (Mud Lake). We haven't been to Blue Lake's in the early Spring in a few years. I'm looking forward to catching some toads and watching some of our anglers break they're personal best catch's. I have fishing this lake in April a few times over the years when there was no tournament going on. Huge fish swim in this mud puddle and they bite and fight very hard. With the new two week cut-off for prefishing, this lake's fish will be ready and willing to slam some baits.It's time for the wild flowers to start growing and the grass is now green on the hillsides as its May 19th and 20th and we'll all be camping at Clear Lake with the Bass-N-Tubes and all there region members. Who knows what format these guys will have for all of us float tubers while fishing on California's best fish factory, (Clear Lake). This is a May tradition to fish the U.S. Pro Kick-boat tournament at Clear Lake with the B-N-T boys and girls. Last year it was ( Mr Johnny Lake ) the B-N-T Founder and past President who caught the heaviest two day limit under some very tough conditions. Who's going to be on top this year?Now it's June the 10th and the weather is much warmer and its time to go to one of my favorite lakes to fish.I prefer to fish this honey hole when there's no other anglers there, but its more of a challenge with 20+ other float tubers trying to qualify for the SCBBBC winner shoot-out. Highland Springs will once again see the SCBBBC floating on its waters in the wee hours of the morning as we wait to blast-off and hunt for the clubs record fish. I bet that toad is around 13 pounds if not bigger by now. Who will be the lucky angler to catch her? You can bet the farm I'll be trying again. I might even bring out the ol round tube for this event again.Its July the 28th and its summer time. It's time for a night tournament and this year we'll be going to Lake Sonoma for our clubs second team tournament. Oh yea, once again you'll have the opportunity to plan a strategies with another club member and go out into the dark and catch the largest 5 fish limit. You guys asked for a team format, so here you have the second chance to try a team tournament, SCBBBC style. Im looking forward to fishing in a Tee-shirt into the night as I sit here typing now and its something like 30 degree's below zero outside. This lake seems to always kick my bass, but this year I'm planning on turning the Yorty Creek cove around in my favor. Last year it was the winning team of Dave & Phil who came in with the nights heaviest limit of bass.As summer lingers on its Aug the 19th and the next stop for the tour is our clubs home lake, Spring Lake. The lake that held the world record, maybe. Hopefully the water level will be good still and some flipping will be had. As we fish for our 6 hours one angler will come out on top. This lake can be any ones at any time, but if Big Daddy Dave Sternitzky has any thing to say about it, its all his. This is Dave's lake as he has his own parking spot there. LOL Or shall I say he should have his own spot. I look forward to this tournament as its going to be our clubs first ever early bird tournament. We will be starting as early as the parks department will let us. This one will be a hoot.Now it's Sept the 23rd and we're going back to the California Delta ( White S. ). Is this the start of the fall patern? Will the Delta Frogs be hopping? I know my frog will be jumping around the Delta waters. The Bassmasters Elite Pro's are coming to this water way this year as their tour stops here. So keep in mind that all SCBBBC members have a co-angler sign-up priority over the general public. So make sure you have some fresh braided line on those flipping and frog sticks.As we get close to the end of the year, its Oct the 13th and 14th and we're back to Clear Lake for the 22nd SCBBBC State Classic. The Bassmasters Elite Pros are coming here also and once again you as SCBBBC members have registration priority over all others to sign-up as a co-angler. This month is when this fish factory should be wide open for all float tubers no matter where you fish. Hopefully we'll be allowed to get our special permit again for transporting live fish. So start stocking up on those DD22 Craw crank baits and be sure to have some fresh mono ready for the fight of a life time.The last stop for the regular season is set for Nov the 3rd at Blue Lakes. I like fishing this lake in the fall and I will love it now that I know that it will have not been pounded for two weeks before the tournament.This new two weeks cut-off will be great for these smaller lakes. This new rule should improve the quality of the fishing for every one. So if this is your first time fishing with the club get out there and fish some of these lakes so you'll know them come tournament day. By now all these float tubers leg's should be conditioned to paddling and their oar skills mastered. There will probably be a couple of anglers racing for the AOY award on this lake.Just when you think the tour is over, the top 1/3rd of the club will be heading back to Lake County for the T.O.C. on beautiful Clear Lake. This will be Nov the 17th and 18th. We'll put them up in the finest resort and feed them and their families to a fine dinner and drinks. At the dinner we will announce where the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club's first ever (WINNERS SHOOT OUT) tournament will be held.That's just some of whats planned for the 2007 tour. Its our 23rd year and my second year as President. I learned a lot last year while doing the day to day duties for our organization. I'm looking forward to leading the club forward as a BASS Federation Nation California Chapter. It's clubs like ours that are helping to bring the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation back to what is was years ago. Happy Holidays and catch a toad.1. Berriessa, Feb, 24th, Sat.2. Delta (Beacon) Mar, 24th, Sat. (Team)3. Blue Lakes, Apr, 15th, Sun.4. Clear L. (Open) May, 19th-20th,Sat-Sun.5. Highland S. Jun, 10th Sun.6. Lake Sonoma, Jul, 28th Sat. (Night Team)7. Spring L. Aug, 19th Sun.8. Delta (Whites) Sept, 23rd Sat.9. Clear L. Oct, 13th-14th Sat-Sun (22nd State Classic)10.Blue Lakes Nov, 3rd Sat.11.Clear L. Nov, 17th-18th Sat-Sun (T.O.C.) Rich

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